Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gourmet Grilled Rosemary Chicken Quiche

Well I've heard said before that "real men don't eat quiche"...well they haven't tried mine. Quiche is a great way to stretch a buck...and that is exactly what we all seem to be doing these days. A nine inch deep dish pie crust will yield enough slices to feed a family of 6 paired with a side salad or fresh fruit. I'm finding salad preparation is a great way to actually get our daughter away from TV and the DS and into the kitchen learning...and what another great way to extend family time. A family of four can enjoy this and guess what? The kids lunches are good to go. I would much rather our daughter have a wholesome home cooked lunch at school rather than a choice of fried, fried or fried. The Quiche thats in the oven now as I blog is an egg white Quiche with rosemary grilled chicken, portabella mushrooms, sauteed onion and herbed goat cheese.

What you will need:

1 chicken breast ($2.00)
1 handful of sliced baby bellas ($.75)
1/2 sweet yellow onion ($.55)
1 9" deep dish pie shell ($.80)
2 oz herbed goat cheese ($1.50)
16 oz egg whites ($1.75)
1 sprig of fresh rosemary (we grow it in the garden)
1/2 lemon ($.11)
1 tbs EVOO

How to make it happen:

Hit the chicken breast with a little olive oil and lemon juice. Season both sides with salt and fresh cracked pepper. I like to slow grill mine under cover to hold in the moisture. While the chicken is grilling sautee up the onion. An onion can be sauteed between 5 and 20 minutes depending on how you like it. I find the flavor really intensifies the longer i I'm right at 20 minutes on mine...i like them browned. Do a slight chop on the mushroom slices and lay them out on a small plate. Cover the mushrooms with the sauteed onion. The heat of the onions will bring out the flavor of the portabella without risking over sauteeing in a pan. Once the chicken is done allow it to cool before chopping. I like to throw my goat cheese in the freezer while i do the rest of the prep work. It is much easier to cube with a slight chill on it. Once everything is ready to go I simply layer it into the pie shell. Pour the egg whites over the gourmet ingredients until you reach the top of the pie shell. I topped this one with four fresh basil leaves from the garden. The Quiche should bake between 350 and 360 degrees for 45 minutes. I drop the temp to 250 degrees and usually leave it in another 5-10 minutes. You can use the baking time to make that fresh salad with the kids. So, there you have it a healthy, gourmet meal that will feed a family of six for around $9.00 when you add in the salad. I'm not completely sure how much it would cost for a family of six to eat out, but i'm pretty sure it would be much more than nine bucks! Remember....yes you can!

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