Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mashed "Faux"tatoes

Well we kept it really simple tonight and opted for a real simple salad. Nothing to really take pictures of and, with that being said....I thought I would share a really awesome side dish with you. We had mashed "faux"tatoes (as i like to call them) for the first time at a friends house with lamb and peas. I totally thought they were potatoes. I had no idea i was consuming a big ole pile of cauliflower. Our friend explained how she had broken down and boiled a head of cauliflower before mixing it in a processor with butter and spices. Made perfect sense to me. I researched it and found a prep method that i have really made my own. This method calls for the cauliflower to be slow baked in a covered dish for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees. We have tried this a couple of ways...once we baked it down with an apple and finished it off in the processor with creamed horseradish, salt and fresh cracked pepper. My favorite seems to be baking it down with a whole sliced sweet yellow onion and 3 of 4 cloves of garlic. We substitute olive oil for butter in the processor and of course add salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste. The best part about this dish is that it is the best way we have ever found to introduce a new vegetable to Cameron. She is really good about trying anything once, but this one has actually become one of her favorites. This is a great example of doing it once by the book and then making it your own. Give it a can do it...and please, please...share your tasty "faux"tato interpretations.

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